Joint stock company PMP is developing pre-design, project and complete detail design documentation for construction of facilities (process units, off-site facilities) in oil refining, petrochemical and gas industries, for storage and loading facilities of oil and oil products. Since 1993 more than 150 projects developed by PMP have been implemented in the industry, including both revamping of existing facilities and construction of new plants and units.
in oil refining, petrochemical and gas industries
  • Execution of General Designer functions
  • Development of Project and Detail Design Documentation in all disciplines
  • Development of Project special sections
  • Development of Process Regulations for production
  • Design of new and retrofitting of existing equipment for explosion- and fire-hazardous production facilities and plants
  • Technical support during selection and procurement of equipment and materials, provision of consultancy services;
  • Author supervision over construction and execution of commissioning activities;
  • Expertise and acceptance of designs developed by third parties
  • Engineering services
  • Turn-key engineering